Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ahoy pirate!

Ahoy pirates! I'm back... My excuses for my resent absence. The tummy is getting bigger by the day and my energy level has reached rock bottom. We're impatiently awaiting our little one and we are so excited!

Although I do admit I have taken it pretty slowly over the last few months, it's not like I haven't done anything. I've been sewing some little trousers, and tops but the piece I'm most proud of is most definitely this one :

My little one's first jacket! Yes, I know, I've made it a bit prematurely (it's a size 3 to 4 years) but I thought it would probably be the age a kid enjoys a pirate outfit most...

I bought the e-pattern from Biglittle, an Etsy shop. The pattern is well explained and has lots of pictures. The jacket was a little time consuming due to the many small pieces of felt which needed to be hand stitched or embroidered on the jacket but I absolutely love the result.

The treasure map as well as the loot bag are detachable as they are stitched on with snap buttons, just to help with treasure hunting of course!

I also love the dagger on the front side and the pirate flag at the back, just like a real pirate!

The finishing touch are definitely the pirate buttons which I found by accident on a fleamarket (15 hand painted pirate buttons for 3 euros). You might notice that the button holes aren't finished yet... This is because I'm working on my mums sewing machine currently. I'd rather make them on my own machine as I'm more familiar with it so I'm waiting to return home to finish the job...

Captain Jack, eat your heart out!


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